Tips on Handling Water Damage and Repair

With Hurricane Sandy ripping out the east side of our nation earlier this week, homes in New Jersey and New York are left in complete turmoil. Although Colorado is several states away from the storm, it is still handy to know how to handle water damage, especially with the colder and wetter months approaching us. Here are some tips on how to handle water damage and repair:

Act Quickly
The quicker you address the problem, the faster the problem can be solved. Many things can be salvaged if action is taken within the first 48 hours. Water damage spreads quickly, and so it is necessary to dry things out as fast as possible.

Assess the Damage
Locate the source of the flooding. If it was a leaky pipe, be sure to turn the water off at the valve right away. Resist the urge to turn on the lights in a flooded room, and to be extra safe turn off the power at the breaker to avoid the risk of shock. Check walls, baseboards, floor tile and other areas for water and try to mop up as much as you can.

Take Pictures
You will want to take photographic evidence of the damage for your insurance company claim. This helps by giving you a photo inventory of items that were damaged or destroyed.

Remove Wet Furniture or Furnishings
Move wet furnishings to a place where they can dry, preferably outside. Couch and chair cushions should be placed upright to allow the water to drain out the bottom.

Water Damage Services
If it was a larger source of water such as a hurricane or other natural disaster, you may need to arrange for water damage services from a restoration company that specializes in water damage repairs. Mold and mildew set in quickly in damp areas and can be detrimental to your health if not taken care of right away.

–Courtesy of Real Estate Global Network.